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In order to adjust his status

In order to adjust his status, Green in the doldrums to find Cole, Myers, general manager, assistant Brown, and others to talk about their own personal problems, so as to help him regain focus on the court Tomas Fleischmann Jersey. Green did not match those things he played during his playing time, "Brown said." Curry, Durant on the offensive end of the matter is extremely difficult, however, like Green to keep him on the court Those performance, I am afraid more difficult. Houston Rockets (20 wins and 4 losses) have won nine straight, they will play against the New Orleans Pelicans (14 wins and 13 losses) on the 12th. Paul and Harden will continue to play a leading role in leading the team, they have to play better offensive side, Anderson, Gordon and other teammates need to bring greater support, the Rockets want to work hard inside the twin towers, they want With home shocks 10 straight. Pelicans just find a win Jakob Silfverberg Jersey, Davis was injured due to injury, test Sings to maintain the dominance inside, Horatio and Rondo to play their respective roles, the Pelicans strive to end the Rockets game winning streak record . Trail Blazers lost to the Rockets in the home loss, Lillard ankle sprain is one of the reasons. In the third quarter of the game, Lillard accidentally twisted his right ankle, but he returned to the court just after being accepted on the courtside Max Friberg Jersey, but his breakthrough speed and so on greatly affected, leaving the Trail Blazers a threat The point of attack. Lillard's injury is not serious Ryan Getzlaf Jersey, plus the team has suffered a 4-game losing streak, he is expected to not truce, he should strive to have a better performance on the offensive end. McCollum is another threat to the team point of attack, he should try to find his hand out of the doldrums recently, the team needs him to have a better attack.
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