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Although the Chinese player Zhou Qi into the 13-man active list, but according to Netease Sports, he is absent for the game, will not be able to play Tonight's game because he is not approved by the Rockets Medical Team can play the game . It has been half a month since Zhou Qi injured her leg in the All-China Development League at the end of November. During the past ten days, the rocket traveled away from home. Zhou Qi stayed in Houston for recuperation and trainer Jimmy resumed training. You look at his college 32% 3-point shooting, and now he has more than 50% three-point shooting in the league Ryan Getzlaf Jersey, if anyone says that is not surprised, it must be talking. "The Pistons coach interviewed Tatum at the end of the game," but he did, he was able to put the ball in the basket and found a balance between breakthrough and shooting Mike Santorelli Jersey. Durant's performance is still important when it comes to Trail Blazers Anaheim Ducks Jerseys For Sale, which is likely to affect the outcome of the game. Trail Blazers have Aminu, Haake Lai Si and other players on the front line, they should strive to exert pressure on Durant on the defensive end, affecting Durant's offensive efficiency. Thompson will also face a strong opponent on the court, he will be offensive and defensive position with McCollum, McCollum is the defensive player Brandon Pirri Jersey, defensive end soup need to be more focused.
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